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The Goslings

"Spaceheater" CDR EP

Asaurus Records

Genres: drone, experimental, ambient

Asaurus Records
PO Box 0664
Allen Park MI

Aug 8 - 14 2005

The Spaceheater EP, from the respected-though-young Goslings, sees the husband/wife duo creating more of their signature spacey atmospherics. This fits under the experimental/noise tag, but it's on the more droney, sound-sculpture side of things. Deep within waves of feedback and distortion you can occasionally hear hidden melodies and moments of tunefulness, but they are fleeting - the music is more about getting whisked away into the Goslings' land of meditative ambiance. I really enjoy the calm aspects of "Statuette," which hides moments of pop under layers of atmospheric noise and then closes off with an out-of-context field recording of some sort. The slowed down voices in "Lillian," meanwhile, seems strangely foreign and creepy, but it's the thirteen minute "In May" that is the main attraction on Spaceheater - it is a varied epic that sounds like it could have been an alternate score to Eraserhead.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]