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The Goslings

"Perfect Interior" CD

Asaurus Records

Genres: ambient lo-fi, drone rock, shoegazer

Asaurus Records
PO Box 0664
Allen Park MI

Mar 29 - Apr 4 2004

Asaurus Records has fascinated me for a very long time.  Their fiercely DIY style, their unwavering dedication to unusual pop and experimental music, and their unique ability to sniff out some of the most interesting and enjoyable bands from seemingly nowhere are all major turn-ons (so to speak).  The Goslings are an act I've never heard before, but judging from this Perfect Interior album they fall somewhere in between indie pop and experimental drone.

The melodies on this album are pretty negligible.  While there are notes, both played and vocal, you'd be hard-pressed to sing back these "tunes."  The Goslings basically lay down heavy feedback drone, and then sing ethereally (and very slowly) over the spacey background.  Occasional guitar strumming can be heard ("Herons"), but that isn't the highest priority.  The results are eerie and dark, and will likely only appeal to a limited few.  You could draw comparisons to shoegazer and dream pop, but for the most part these songs are far too abstract to be considered in the same realm as those genres.

"Landing," Perfect Interior's cataclysmic opening track, is very indicative of The Goslings' style.  You get, loud, intergalactic guitar feedback laid under Galas-esque vocal warbling.  It's a very creepy piece, especially so when it all cuts out for a slowed down, evil guitar-strumming interlude of sorts.

This is outsider pop for true outsiders.  Try Perfect Interior if you're feeling particularly limber (it's only three dollars) - but be prepared for something distinctly unusual.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]