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Good For You

"Neurotic Showering Habits" CD

Good Forks

Genres: indie rock, noise rock

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Feb 16 - 22 2004

After listening to Good For You's last album, Falling Out, I was very pleased by my discovery of one of the few excellent new indie rock bands out there.  Their style was both gritty and pretty at the same time.

Then they, apparently, broke up.


But, soon enough, they reformed!


And thusly Good For You's Neurotic Showering Habits currently finds itself in my stereo, spinning around like a twirling idiot.  And thusly I currently currently find myself nodding my head up and down at the pace of a medium-tempo drumbeat.

This album's basic formula is quite different from that of their last full-length - the melodies are slightly less memorable and there appears to be a bit more spunk - and that is likely due to the long rest the band had in between recordings.  As well, Hartigan and Nochisaki (the duo behind Good For You) have carved out an even more distinct sound than before, leaning towards quirkier melodies and rhythms than on Falling Out.

With that said, there are some truly excellent songs on this album.  "Wonder" is a fresh slice of Sebadoh-influenced indie rock, "Problems" is a very infectious, raucous rock number, and "Living in the World is Such a Farce" is a jerky, endlessly catchy pop tune.  The finale, a Slint-esque spoken word/guitar piece entitled "The Shotgun, A Steak Knife, and a Mouse" is also quite enjoyable.  On the downside, there are also some less inspired moments.  "Why Would You Want It?" is the most obvious one - it's just a bland, irritatingly repetitive track with the same chorus sung over and over with no real verse to keep thigns interesting.  But these faults are minimal, and for the most part Neurotic Showering Habits is a solid, entertaining indie rock record.

Ladies and gentlemen, Good For You is back!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]