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Good For You

"Falling Out" CD

Good Forks

Genres: indie rock, rock

Jan 6 - 12 2003

Good For You play their own brand of catchy, enjoyable indie rock. Though occasionally happy and upbeat, the band tends towards a darker, more charged sound; sometimes they use a female vocalist, sometimes a male singer, and sometimes both. Falling Out is their debut release, and it combines the thrash and growl of punk with the melodic structure of indie rock.

A bit discordant at first, it doesn't take long to really get into Falling Out; once your ears are tuned to the frantic instability of the guitars, you'll have the melodies stuck in your head for ages. "Call off the Dogs" is a good example; though at first you may be put off by the guitar lines, which casually change from spacey to playful to chiming to revved-up, it won't take long before you start humming it in your head.
While all the songs on the album are satisfying, a few stick out. "French Lies" and "Loose Truth," in particular, really impress. The former is a fast-paced epic, while the latter boasts a simple, infectious melody that's easy to sing along to. Also notable are the catchy "No Trombone" and the playful "Can't Hardly Stop."

Altogether, Falling Out is a fantastic album. With a great, fresh sound, it hopefully won't be long before Good For You become the next hot ticket on the indie scene.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 songs, distributed by the label, released 2001]