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"Tally of the Yes Men" CD

Nettwerk Records

Genres: pop/rock, slow rock

November 2006

"An inspired melding of decades of rock and pop influences with the melodic sensibilities of traditional Indian music." I'm not joking when I tell you that the lead singer, guitarist, and songwriter behind Goldspot is named Siddhartha. No last name. I'm not sure how strong or even noticeable the Indian influences are on this record, but as far as well-produced pop/rock goes, this is pretty much as clear and catchy as it gets. No wonder single "Time Bomb" made an appearance on The OC (much like labelmates The Perishers).

Okay, so it would be fun to make fun of Goldspot for doing things like having a lead singer named "Siddhartha" or having songs on The OC, or even for being as inoffensive as hell, but this pop music is so melodic it addicts you. Right from the first listen you'll get engrossed in the hooks of "Friday" and adorably awkward "Time Bomb". Other songs show a more diverse set of influences, like the Smiths-y vocal/guitar duo on "It's Getting Old", ballad-like "The Feel Good Program Of The Year," and Rufus Wainwright-styled "So Fast." These aren't all straight-shooters, for sure - there's filler like keyboard-injected "The Guard" and "Motorcade" - but for the most part it all seems to work. Fans of The Perishers and Travis and their ilk looking for something a slight bit edgier and more interesting would be well advised to take a look at Goldspot, another one of Nettwerk's signature pop acts.



Fun Fact: Did you see the lead singer's name??

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed everywhere, released Feb 21 2006]