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The Glasspack

"Powderkeg" CD

Small Stone Recordings

Genres: stoner rock, doom metal, heavy metal

Small Stone
PO Box 02007
Detroit, MI 48202 USA

May 4 - May 11 2002

"Powderkeg" is a devestating dose of quality stoner rock. Power riffs and awesome axe solos characterize the guitar-playing, and the singer's wicked voice only further enhances the brutal experience. The Glasspack obviously have their Black Sabbath influences intact - if Sabbath were still playing nowadays, this could very well be their new album

All the songs here stand up perfectly on their own, although they also complement each other wonderfully on the album. Take "Shut Up & Ride," for example. As soon as you press play, this song assails your ears with its brutal sludge riffs and ripping vocals. If you need a song to blast away your mind, this is it. By the time the first guitar solo kicks in, your brain will be floating in a pool of its own juices.

Other songs, like "Demolition Derby" and the hyper-charged "Whiskey House" further pound your eardrums to oblivion; by the time this album closes off with the suffocatingly sludge-ridden "Jim Bean And Good Green," you will no longer be on this world.


Matt Shimmer