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"High Kicks Beat Low Punches" cassette

Best Kept Secret

Genres: indie pop, dream pop, lo-fi

Best Kept Secret
c/o Alessandro Crestani
via Biron di Sotto, 101
36100 Vicenza

Nov 15 - 21 2004

Girlinky is another nice find for Best Kept Secret, and this time around they bring us a three-song tape filled with lush, lovely dream pop.  Their carefree, spacey style sounds something like the B-52s crossed with My Bloody Valentine, though predictably Girlinky sounds like neither of those acts.  They simply combine upbeat indie pop with a surprisingly dreamy mentality.  The "blissful" quality of this cassette can be attributed largely to the band's use of sparse electronics and occasionally ethereal female vocals (though there are also male vox).  Opener "It's the Sugar Rush" sets the stage with a cheery, twee-influenced sound, while "Danger of Death" and "Let's Have a Fight!" both have their merits, displaying strong melodies and sincerely joyful atmospheres.  The latter is a bit more charged and rock-based than the tape's other two songs.

It's hard to believe these songs are just demos - thankfully BKS rescued them from the heap.  Though we only get three songs here, they're darn good and definitely worth a look.  Pop fans, look out!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]