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The Gideon Leeches

"The Freezing Point of Sound" CD

Fflnt Central

Genres: experimental, experimental electronic, ambient

May 24 - 30 2004

The Gideon Leeches create evil electronic music. Solely using samples, ambient atmospherics, and glitchy noises, they assemble experimental soundscapes that are often Satanic in nature.

The main knock on this style of ambient, experimental music is that it takes a large attention span to appreciate it. This is definitely the case with The Freezing Point of Sound; since it is largely an atmospheric album, it is geared mostly towards patient listeners - fans of early AFX material, as well as the likes of Eno, Laswell, and Niblock, may find this to be a very interesting release. Moments of melodic accessibility are far from abundant here (the warbling, spaced-out "Burra Folly II" is about as "catchy" as you'll get), but this just forces the audience to find value in the disc's other elements. A subtle background shift; an echoing, metallic clank; a wave of sonic feedback; using simple effects such as these, The Freezing Point of Sound teaches the listener to pay attention to even the most subliminal details of the sound - and this can be a profoundly wonderful exercise in musical appreciation.

I won't preach any longer. Instead, I'll leave you to discover The Gideon Leeches' album on your own - if you are so inclined. Don't be surprised if The Freezing Point of Sound turns you off altogether; however, if you're just the right type of music fan, it could become your new favourite album.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]