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Giant Value

"Released!" CD


Genre: indie pop

June 2006

I reviewed this bunch's On The Move album a long while ago, and ever since I've been waiting with baited breath for their next record. Well, this is album number four from the folks (who knew they were so prolific?), and it's another batch of the juicy, Shins-esque cutesy pop that endeared me to On The Move. Sure, they're more polished and perhaps a little less naive sounding, but for the most part this is Giant Value in all their glory - and any adjustments they've made to their sound can only be considered improvements.

The major elements of the Giant Value formula are undoubtedly the peppy keyboards and the kidlike, Shins-cum-Of Montreal vocals, which lend this record its cheerfulness and adorable naiveté. The sound is, of course, further evened out with guitar, drums, and bass, but Released! also adds on some other interesting instruments, like trumpet and piano on four tracks, baritone horn on one, and a glockenspiel on another. It's impossible to dispute the glory of peppy pop tunes like "What The Story Said" and "Personality Dog," and even the slower songs, like mysterious "A Tiny Ripple Far Asea" and irresistible closer "Je Ne Sais Quoi," are surefire pleasers.

I really wish this band would get paid more notice than they are; they've been putting out self-released gems for half a decade and still they're complete unknowns. For fully satisfying, adorable but not lame pop, track down Giant Value's music right this moment.

MP3s (from Into The Air, Silver Screen, Personality Dog


Fun Fact: Giant Value have apparently broken up, but two of their three members have branched off to form another trio called Featherweight Champion of the World.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, 43:35 duration, distributed by the band, released Oct 1 2005]