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Giant Value

"On the Move" CD


Genres: indie pop, pop

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Oct 13 - 19 2003

Indie pop, how loveable ye are!  So many have done you and yet you still remain joyously fresh and cheerful!  You give so much and ask so little.  And now you've got another band on your bandwagon, that being San Francisco's Giant Value.  Though they have a slight country influence in a few of their tunes, they're still indie pop plain and true, and their debut album, On the Move, will likely find its niche in the music collections of pop aficionados.

This is a very good debut.  While it isn't going to be deemed a classic, On the Move still sounds like the start of something good.  Giant Value have a twangy, sparse sound, and they stick instantly-memorable pop hooks into their music en masse.  Tunes like "No News" and the terrifically catchy "Writing" combine an unusual style with Shins-esque sensibility.  The latter is one of the album's strongest songs; its bouncy, tension-building verse makes the chorus seem like pure paradise.  It's one of the better pop tunes out there.

The fun continues for eleven full songs with few moments of mediocrity.  By the time the album ends you'll have no other chance but to take it from the top and listen to it again.  The band's steady mix of youthful vocals, buzzing keyboards, sweet guitars, and mellow percussion is practically irresistible.

This is an extremely good debut, and one that deserves a large audience.  If Giant Value can improve upon this in future albums, they'll be indie pop heroes in no time.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by CD Baby, released 2002]