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Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine

"Introducing The Neat Beat" CD


Genres: turntablism, hip-hop

Compulsive Records
Box 15440
San Antonio, TX

Sep 3 - 8 2002

It hasn't been long after DJ Jester's heavily-acclaimed first effort, The River Walk Riots, came out, and he's already on to new things. The Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine, a clever homage to one Dick Hyman, is Jester's new three-piece DJ crew. As you can imagine, this album is completely littered with perfectly-timed samples, and though it seems slightly more restrained than Riots, this is still the Jest is excellent form.

Every song here is a winner. Take "Hey That's My Truck", for example. It's a solid track with a great beat and a funky bassline, along with all sorts of fun samples that range from a man yelling "do that trick again!" to silly, cartoon-like sound effects - except more emphasis is put on the melody and beats than on the sound clips. Like if you were to put a gun to Kid Koala's head and tell him to tone down the scratching and bring up the funk. "Quadrigo", however, chooses to embellish itself in scratches and samples, completely flooding the listener's ears with sound bits of all shapes and sizes.

And, of course, there's a whole bunch of neat little tricks on display here, as well. Where on Riots Jester took a shot at sampling a riff from Pavement's "Summer Babe", GELLM's "Neat Is Murder" sees him cutting up a classic guitar solo. And then there's "Edgar", a Simpletext voice's lamentation: "It sucks to be me. I know I don't take up that much space on your computer, but I help bands sell many, many, many records. And I never even got a thank you. Did you know that I have never been kissed? I am so alone..." And if that weren't enough, check out "Dates", a track that sees Jester rapping about... of course... expiration dates! Clever, no?

While Jester has turned a lot of heads with the release of Riots, there are still many people on the scene who have not yet realized how talented he is. Hopefully Introducing The Neat Beat will propel him, along with the rest of GELLM, into the world of DJ Q-Bert and Coldcut. Who knows, maybe Ninja Tune will give 'em a call?


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 42 min 59 sec; 12 tracks; distributed by Midheaven; released 2002]