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Garrett Sawyer

"Anthem" CD

Garrett Sawyer Music Publishing

Genres: singer / songwriter, independent pop, adult alternative

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April 27 - May 4 2002

"Anthem" is a very good effort on the part of Garrett Sawyer, a middle-aged independent songwriter. Unfortunately, the album is not one that would particularly appeal to those on the indie scene. I can appreciate Sawyer's talent, although this is obviously geared towards the adult-alternative crowd.

The first thing to notice here is that there's a large mix of styles on this album. Tracks like "Those Shoes" and "I Can Teach The Rain," for example, are country-influenced warblers. Meanwhile, "Clock Shadows" and the title-track are upbeat numbers that help balance the collection. Nothing here falls apart, but nothing stands out.

If you're up for some standard, unspectacular singer/songwriter songs, this will appeal to you. Otherwise, this isn't a smart purchase.


Matt Shimmer