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Full Moon Partisans

Self-titled CDR


Genres: experimental pop, experimental rock

July 11 - 17 2005

Full Moon Partisans bring us kooky, infinitely bizarre experimental pop music that could have only originated in a college dorm somewhere. However, while they're known to record some pretty out-there songs, this is at heart a very melodic album. Bound to be compared to the Talking Heads, Full Moon Partisans take quirky vocals (often sung in Sergey Yashenko's deep Russian accent) and lay them over jerky, spasmodic song structures. In addition to the Heads, I'm reminded of The Mekons and Captain Beefheart.

The fun starts with "Suck Your Tongue," a funky little number with nonsensical babbling pooled on top of a jumpy, highly rhythmic backbone. The recording style is very lo-fi (as is the case with the entire record), which is probably a reflection of the band's monetary resources more than anything. "Radio Off" and "Dumb Rock n' Roll" continue the fun in the same vein; the Partisans' formula basically consists of finding a groove, going with it, then laying vocals and samples over top. "Digital Foreplay" is a particularly successful nugget; it takes a synth loop (reminiscent of Air's "Sexy Boy") and then builds guitar, electronics, and samples over top of it. "Summer" is the disc's foray into folk; it is an acoustic ditty originally written by Mike Naumenko of Zoo Park. Overall, this varied, experimental rock record is definitely worth a look - Full Moon Partisans have an addictively original style, so check them out at once!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by K Records Distro, released 2003]