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Fudgie & Fufu

"The Biography of Libby A. Miller" CDR + book

Chapultepec Press

Genres: electronica, experimental

Chapultepec Press
111 E. University #3
Cincinnati, Ohio 45219

Mar 31 - Apr 6 2003

Fudgie & Fufu's The Biography of Libby Miller is actually two things: a book, and a Fudgie & Fufu remix album.  I assume the intent was to have the listener read the book while listening to the music, and this seems to work pretty well.

The first thing you'll notice about this album is the nudity on the cover.  It shows a bunch of people standing on a roof, naked, pointing to the sky.  Wow.  The book's contents are even more ridiculous.  With intentionally terrible grammar and even more bizarre content, the mini "essays" in this book (all of which are supposedly "chapter 6") run the gamut from sexually explicit ("a glossary of sexually deviant terms" including the "Amazing Tusk" and the "Berlin Wall Blow Pop" - you don't want to know) to just plain fucked up (a fill-in-the-blanks "do-it-yourself" love letter which includes the lovely line, "you so sexiest of whole world that I want to punch your hair and pancreas").  The little comics are equally odd; a mini-comic, "Fudgee & Fufoo Sav the Nite B-4 Crismus", for example, needs a two page "literal translation" in order to be understood. All in all, despite its confounding bizarreness, the book is a surprisingly fun read.

The CD, meanwhile, is a mostly electronic remix album whose biggest name is Matador Records alum Khan.   The music is a nice mix of styles and sounds.  Highlights include the silly Madame Lucy J remix of "White Meat," the funky Electriznique remix of "D-Not-D," the Kid 606-esque cacophony of Enduser's remix of "Y.B.", and the chilled-out Khan with Kid Congo Powers take on "Surrender Your Panties."

All in all, The Biography of Libby A. Miller is a nice little package of music and bizarre writing/drawing/photography that's available for the reasonable price of twelve dollars.  Not necessary but good fun indeed.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]