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"Frozen Jungle Entertainment" CD

I Like Records

Genres: indie pop, folk-rock

I Like Records
PO Box 173
Brighton BN2 1UP

Nov 18 - 24 2002

Frock's Frozen Jungle Entertainment is a very pleasant album.  Packed with plenty of catchy, enjoyable tunes, it brings to mind mild Cousteau or Chris Isaak comparisons, with a strong Beatles influence to boot.  

"The Refugee," for example, has a strong Byrds vibe to it - especially in the guitar chords, which bring to mind some of their early Crosby-era calmer moments.  The song's melody is superb, with a strong Beatles influence coming through in the vocals. "Looking at You," meanwhile, is an elegant pop song with a strong folk-rock sound that's been crossed with the familiar British Invasion flare.

Other tracks also feature much to enjoy, and there are few weak points present here.  Frock has an impeccable sense of melody and uses a whole host of nice little nuances to add variety to the mix.  However, some of the songs fall a little flat and could use some reconsideration.  "Turning Off the Telly at Dawn," for example, isn't as immediately infectious as some of the other tunes.  And "Dust off the Same Star" could use a stronger melody. 

Those arguments are relatively mild, though, and this album is a very enjoyable one, all in all.  Though the pop songwriting is definitely a major factor, Frock's music also succeeds because of the wonderfully elegant atmosphere that the tracks share.  Fans of the Byrds' folk-rock material and the more modern stylings of Chris Isaak will enjoy this.  Beatles fans may also find a lot to like here.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks; distributed by the band; released 2002]