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"Eph Reissue" 2CD

Temporary Residence Ltd.

Genres: electronica, idm, ambient

Temporary Residence
PO Box 22910
Baltimore, MD

Jul 29 - Aug 6 2002

Eph, originally released on Go!Beat Records, never got the attention it deserved. The label pretty much panned it, never releasing it in the US and overpricing it significantly, and sales never amounted to much - despite large critical acclaim. Eventually, the label dropped Fridge, and Temporary Residence jumped at the chance to reissue it. And, not only have they re-released Eph in its entirety, but they've also thrown in a second CD, with the Kinohita Terasaka single, the Of EP, and two remixes of Eph tracks.

Fridge has done good. Every song on Eph is beautiful. From the jazz influenced geniuswork of "Transience" and "Bad Ischl" to the majestic, fairy tale-esque ambiance of "Yttrium" and "Meum", the album flows perfectly, keeping a laidback, easy mood going throughout its entirety. It sounds sort of like a sandwich made up of Nightmares On Wax, Red Snapper, and a little bit of Plone.

The second CD is fantastic as well. "Kinoshita" is a complex, beat-y sound sculpture and "Terasaka" is like Pluramon crossed with Rest Proof Clockwork-era Plaid and a bit of Ken Vandermark! The Of EP tracks are also astounding, including an obligatory, but always welcome, Dub Mix. This dub version is done particularly well, rolling along slowly in a delectable manner until it builds up to a powerful climax and then cools down again. P. Pulsinger's remix of "Bad Ischl" is another hit, taking the original and converting it into an amazing symphony of electronics and beats.

For years, Eph was a mythological album - the type all the critics raved about yet nobody could purchase. It seemed impossible that any record could live up to the acclaim that had been spread by the few who had heard it. There was no way it could possibly be that good. Well shit, this really is that good - in fact, it's Eph-ing terrific!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 99 min 40 sec; 17 tracks; distributed by Insound; released 2001]