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The Fresas

"Long Songs" cassette EP

Popgun Recordings

Genres: indie pop, diy pop, punk-pop

c/o Shannon B
PO Box 7774
Riverside CA 92513

Jul 7 - 15 2003

The Fresas are a band of teenage girls (three of them) who play youthful indie pop music about love, crushes, and the whole lot.  It's cute, fun stuff that's pretty dang catchy, and Long Songs is an excellent cross-section of their material.

Opener "Daang B" sets the stage for things to come; it's a catchy number with an almost punk-poppy chorus. "Rockest Boy" follows as a short, tuneful ditty about asking a guy to a concert ("This week there's another show/Gonna ask you out I wanna go/Just hope you say yes/You're the rockest boy I've ever met").  It's good fun, boasting a bit of a Tiger Trap influence.

Side B starts off with "The Dance," a very well-written pop tune that is so catchy it will make you scream.  It's brevity is disappointing yet probably for the best.  Things finish off with "Corporate Style," a punk attitude pop tune not far off from The Donnas.

Altogether, this is a fun cassette that will please fans of diy pop and tape culture.  While the recording style is obviously very primitive, the Long Songs EP will still prove to be loads of fun to lo-fi fans.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 4 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]