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Free Verse

"Inventing an Archetype" CDEP

Demirep Records / Agitprop! Records

Genres: punk, hardcore

Agitprop! Records
PO Box 748
Hanover MA 02339

Sep 22 - 28 2003

Free Verse is an all-female trio who play a dark punk-hardcore-rock hybrid.  They have strong political beliefs and are very aggressive and energetic musically.  They scream a lot, their guitars are heavy, and their drums are pounding.  Inventing an Archetype is their new six-song EP and it sticks to the Free Verse formula.

"End of Choice" is a characteristic example of the FV style.  Marching drums, agitated guitars, and screamed vox make up the song, which is very guttural and angry.  "Invisible Tomorrow," meanwhile, is just about as explosive as you can get.

Loud, proud, and very hardcore, Free Verse kick a lot of ass, but Inventing an Archetype isn't likely to appeal to those who don't already like hardcore and punk music.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]