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"Imagination Overdose" CDEP


Genres: rock, punk-pop, alt rock

Feb 28 - Mar 6 2005

Fourbanger plays serviceable punk-pop/alt rock that satisfies its purpose but avoids any sense of originality or cleverness.  Thos problem is well exemplified by the lyrics, which are as bland and clichéd as the compositions - lines like "I cut myself again just to see if I'm awake" and "if I die, so what, it's my time, I can't live forever" revel in their own angst instead of breaking the mold.  That isn't to say these songs aren't catchy; in fact, "Imaginary Overdose" is a very conventionally infectious rock number and "White Horse" has the hooks to be a mainstream single.  However, most serious music fans will probably want something a bit more substantial in their diet - in terms of originality and overall musical integrity, Fourbanger is simply empty calories.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2004]