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The Forms

"Icarus" CD


Genres: indie rock, indie pop

PO Box 349
Brooklyn NY 11222

Jul 21 - 27 2003

Recorded by Steve Albini, this under twenty minute "album" features seven short indie rock tunes that are sure to please. With this type of debut album, there's no reason why The Forms couldn't become the next indie rock phenom. Their angular, complex-yet-simple sound is complimented nicely by their singer, whose voice is remarkably used for singing, as opposed to just shouting or growling. Cues are taken from past greats like Jawbox, Slint, and Sonic Youth, all very fine sources of influence if I may say so myself.

Things are great right from the start. Opener "Stel" opens with a bang, attacking the listener's ears with the type of melodic guitar assault Jawbox introduced the world to. "Imnizar" follows as a noisy rock number that isn't afraid to slow down and take things gentler every once in awhile - when the chiming, soft guitar comes in, it will bring a tear to your eye; the transition is almost Yo La Tengo-esque. Other highlights are "Classical" and "Stravinsky," two of the best numbers I've heard on a debut album in quite some time. The former is an immediately accessible number that sounds like noise rock slowed down to a crawl; it's a shoegazer concept, but The Forms keep energy and power on their side to make things deliberately unique and interesting. "Stravinsky," meanwhile, is a dangerously beautiful pop tune, replete with a nice piano part and melody galore.

To put it simply, Icarus is a beautiful album. The Forms make indie rock that brings on the power but never disposes of pure melody. Buy this record.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]