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Flying Canyon

Self-titled CD

Soft Abuse Records

Genres: folk pop, 'doom folk'

November 2006

They call it "doom folk" or something like that, which is something of an apt name since this is generally melodic folk-pop with dark, eerie overtones. On their self-titled debut, Flying Canyon's doom-like effect comes mostly from a hollow, echoey atmoshere that the songs are steeped in - they come off as faraway and vaguely cathedral-esque.

Opening with the mesmerising and beautiful "In The Reflection," this record takes off at a good pace and never loses sight of itself. Sparser, delicately crafted songs like Simon & Garfunkel-esque "Down To Summer" and "Gibraltar May Fall" exchange spots with more full-bodied, dense efforts like "Crossing By Your Star" and "This Can't Be My Home" with their echoey melodies and reverberating percussion. Frequently, the faraway lo-fi feel of these songs helps them come together really well for the chorus; "The Dawn Curtain" is a perfect example of this.

Flying Canyon's debut album takes a bit of time to adjust to, but its distinct melodies and unique, home-woven sound grow on you surprisingly well.



Fun Fact: Flying Canyon are set to make their live stage debut on Nov 11!

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, 34:59, distributed by the label, released 2006]