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Various Artists

"Flitwick Records Compilation" CD

Flitwick Records

Genres: electronica, pop, experimental 

Flitwick Records
PO Box 26
Flitwick Bedford
MK45 1ZU

Sep 29 - Oct 5 2003

Flitwick Records is a British label devoted to putting out free releases of high quality.  For the love of music.  And with a ton of records already under their belt, it's about time Flitwick tried out a compilation.  Well hello, Flitwick Records Compilation, nice to meet you.

On this snazzy (albeit poorly designed) disc, you get 23 songs by 23 artists, which offers you a nice look at the underground scene.  The music is diverse, featuring an odd combination of pop, electronica, rock, and experimental music.  The quality level is remarkably high, and although there's lots of weirdness here, this is a remarkably accessible selection of tunes.

Highlights on this disc are plentiful.  Short opener "Bakewell Fusion" by Derek Donald starts things off well (Rest Proof Clockwork-era Plaid is present in the song's sound.)  The Free French's "Vowels" then boosts the britpop meter and hOST lays on the rock n' roll.  Barking Spider's "Stoned Baby" is an electro pop epic, BCS Entertainments' "Obstacle of Course" is hooky, playful circus music, and Country Teasers' "Independent Mail Guardian (success)" is a bizarre ditty by the relatively well-known band.

All in all, Flitwick Records Compilation is a nice sampler with some really good tunes.  Flitwick works on a membership sign-up basis, and with releases like this and a less than hefty price tag (zero dollars), what are you waiting for?


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 23 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]