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"Definitive" EP


Genres: indie pop, slowcore, dream pop

Mother West
123 West 26th Street
NYC 10001

April 13 - 20 2002

Hailing from New York City, Flare specialize in their own brand of slow, delicate indie pop. In other words, music to cry to. This is especially evident on the "Definitive" EP, the precursor to their forthcoming album. "Course," the second song on this EP, is a beautiful little song that has a lot of emotion in it. It features Ida Pearle (of Ida and Low) playing violin and James Jacobs playing cello, and they both do excellent jobs. Meanwhile, the cover of Gene Autry's "You're The Only Star (In My Blue Heaven)" is very nicely done; if you're the fan of the original, you're sure to appreciate this version. Meanwhile, the two versions of the title track are the best parts of the EP. Beghtol's beautiful voice, combined with the amazingly soothing instrumentation, is the perfect soundtrack to sadness. While listening to the song's lyrics about the end of a relationship, you may need to want some Kleenex nearby. All around, this is a great EP - I can't wait for their upcoming full-length!


Matt Shimmer