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Flaming Fire

"Songs From the Shining Temple" CD

Perhaps Transparent Recordings

Genres: rock opera?

P. Transparent
189 Devoe St
1st Floor
Brooklyn NY 11211

Jul 21 - 27 2003

Flaming Fire's Songs From the Shining Temple album is kind of like a kooky rock opera, replete with all the insanity of a Rocky Horror Picture Show, plus that glossy shine that just bleeds vanity. You can imagine bright lights, flashy costumes, silly masks, and shameless over-acting being associated with a Flaming Fire stage production.

As for the music itself, not all of it is that great, but it's a fun record nonetheless. Gems like the exuberant "Kill the Right People" and a bittersweet pop number called "Goddess of War" make up for duds "Fire of Love" and "There Is a Sky". The band likes to use a combination of acoustic instruments (piano, guitar) and electronics, which adds another layer of glamour to the whole production.

All in all, Songs From the Shining Temple is an interesting concept that has been executed pretty well by Flaming Fire. The enthusiastic, often silly approach the band has taken may scare off some audiences, but those with open minds will appreciate the pure showmanship present on this album.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]