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"Niagara, and All the Pretty Landmines..." CD

Populuxe Records

Genres: indie rock, rock

16776 Bernardo Center Drive Suite 110B
#203 San Diego, CA 92128

April 27 - May 4 2002

Fivecrown, a rockin' three-piece from San Diego, specialize in their own brand of radio-friendly rock music. This album displays their talent very well; it's hard music, but it is also catchy and enjoyable. Each song is very melodic, and the band's attitude is appealing. Although "Niagara..." features nothing out of the ordinary, it is still very enjoyable.

"Chinese Surprise," one of the fourteen tracks on this album, is a good example of what to expect from this album: melodic vocals/guitar/bass/drums rock with an eye for macho-ness. However, do not fear, as this music never degenerates into the disturbing underworld of such musical travesties as Slipknot and Korn.

"Pheromones and Telephones" is another standard tune on this album; it features a singalong-able chorus that would fit perfectly as a new hit single. I, personally, found myself humming it for days after the initial listen. Weeks after that, the song still packed as much power as it first did - there's something to be said about that!

Fivecrown should be on mainstream radio - they've got all the style and none of the crap... Whoops, I forgot! Mainstream radio stations won't play music unless it's crap! (Better watch who you say that to... -Ed)


Matt Shimmer