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"Professional Fishstick" CD

Off Track Music

Genres: singer / songwriter, folk pop, hometaper pop

May 2 - 8 2005

Fishstick plays cutesy acoustic singer/songwriter folk that is pleasant but far from brilliant.  These songs are fun and catchy, made with a sincere love of music, and they have a sort of homemade charm that recalls some of the more spirited hometapers' work (Don Campau, MJB).

A number of these songs are bland at best (the tiresome "Every Moment With Me," the repetitive "Shut Your Mouth").  Fortunately, tracks like the touchingly moody "Why Don't You Stay" and the deceptively catchy "Belly of the Beast" rescue the record from mediocrity.  An avoidance of bland and repetitious songwriting is the key to Fishstick's better material; when he is at his best (like on "Belly"), I can't help but dig the music.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks + 3 bonus, distributed by CD Baby, released 2003]