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The First Punic War

"The Candle EP" 7"

Carthage Vs. Rome Records


First Punic War
2507 School St
Des Moines IA

Aug 1 - 7 2005

From the nether regions of Des Moines, IA comes a little lo-fi recording project called The First Punic WarThe Candle EP is an interesting record; it has a melodic acoustic rock feel not unlike certain Sebadoh and Beat Happening material.  On side A, "Here is a Candle to Light Your Way" is a tad expendable but the immediately unforgettable "Nursing Student Surprise" is a little bit of brilliance, and "Last Train to Nowhere" has a cool, strangely bluesy feel.  Side B houses four short tunes; I'm not too attached to all of them, but "May" is a nice little love song and "S___, A Light" is short but sweet.  Overall, these are some pretty solid, surprisingly catchy pop tunes that can be relished by lovers of the lo-fi and early indie rock genres.  Simple, acoustic pop rarely sounds finer.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, orange vinyl, distributed by the label, released 2005]