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Self-Titled CDEP

Losing Blueprint Records

Genres: indie rock, noise rock

May 4 - 11 2002

Fiesel: three men who've just released this EP, a sound freak-out that's bent on blasting away your mind in an angry barrage of guitar terror.  And while that description may get you expecting a bloody grindcore band or a dime-a-dozen death metal gorefest, you can be sure that Fiesel's up to something different.

Hailing from Massachusetts, the band is more indie rock than anything else.  Instead of playing in the traditional vein, though, Fiesel drops the anaesthetic and just goes all-out on your ear drums.  As a result, the six songs on this EP are all positively explosive.

Instrumental tracks like "Autoscan" and "Action Destroys Perfection" are fierce enough to get your brain cells hacking away at each other.  "Reservoir" and "Vicksburg," the two songs with vocals, also manage to be magnificently powerful. 

Altogether, this EP is a vicious batch of melodic guitar noise.  If you want some music to destroy things to, pick this EP up - it's a mere four dollars, postage paid!  And hold on to your hats, too, because Fiesel's new album is due out soon.


Matt Shimmer