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Fiel Garvie

"Leave Me Out Of This" CD

Words On Music

Genres: dream pop, indie pop

Words On Music
715 University Avenue SE #201
Minneapolis MN

Feb 9 - 15 2004

There's a difference between dream pop and shoegazer music.  While Minneapolis label Words On Music's last release, by the fantastic Meeting Places, was sheer shoegazer, Fiel Garvie's new disc, Leave Me Out Of This, is distinctly dream pop.  Instead of going for fuzzy, blocky soundscapes and pretty, spaced-out melodies, Fiel Garvie's mission is to purvey pure pop - the eleven songs on this album don't stray far from the basic formula (dreamy, female-led indie pop), but instead distill it to perfection.

On Leave Me Out Of This, you get a wide array of pop tunes.  The spirited, powerful melodies and atmospheres of "Got A Reason" and "Reeling As You Come Around Again" combine My Bloody Valentine accessibility with Hopewell atmospherics.  A tune like "Doortime" calls to mind a more dramatic version of The Brian Jonestown MassacreFiel Garvie have created a really terrific album; what it lacks in creativity, Leave Me Out Of This makes up in sheer listenability.

With this album, bliss addicts will be pleased to discover one of last year's best dream pop releases, but the best thing about Leave Me Out Of This is that it marks the North American debut of what promises to a very, very good band.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]