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The Feeling

"Sewn" CD single

Interscope Records

Genre: pop, Britpop

May 2007

These lush popsters seem to have a nice marketing backing behind them (Interscope Records, anyone?) and if "Sewn" is any indication they've garnered it rightly. I'm getting into the fray pretty late, as this song entered on the UK Singles Chart over a year ago, but it seems they're trying to break it into the American market (accordingly, it was featured on teen soap One Tree Hill a couple months ago.) This reminds me of The Perishers from awhile back, but less bland and melodramatic. The song lulls you into a stable melody until the sparkling end, which ends the whole thing in a lovely climax. Think British Maroon 5, and you've got the idea.


youuuuuuuutube!: sewn music video

Fun Fact: From Wikipedia: "In an e-mail newsletter released on January 11, 2007, it was announced that The Feeling were the number one most played band on UK radio in 2006. Their four singles received a total of 97,436 plays, which meant that, on average, a song by The Feeling was played 267 times every day, or once every 5 minutes."

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 2 tracks, 7:30, distributed by the label]