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"F Disk: Encrypted Transmissions 2003" CD

Acidsoxx Musicks

Genres: ambient, experimental electronic

Acidsoxx Musicks P.O. Box 32552 Santa Fe, NM 87594

Aug 18 - 24 2003

F Disk is the 2003 compilation from Acidsoxx Musicks, an exciting label with a very varied roster. The majority of the label's releases are electronic (and usually considerably experimental) in nature, and this compilation reflects that.
Electronica and ambient pieces are found aplenty here, in many different forms.

Auditem's "Concert for Escalators (edit)," for example, is a sparse, sample-based piece. On the other hand, The DEA's "Cabrones Despreciables" is a kooky, cacophonic soundscape. The marriage of the sparse and the more cacophonic is helped along by a variety of buffering tracks that range in content and style. Often things are slow, though, so it requires an experimental electronic listener with a considerable amount of patience to fully appreciate this compilation. Only the final track, Accordianbreath's "Mushroom Forest," boasts anything near accessibility; it's a twinkling, warped pop tune made creepy by samples of car crashes and thunder.

All in all, F Disk is a fine compilation from an increasingly interesting label, and is worth seeking out if you are interested in the avant-garde side of electronic music.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 18 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]