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The Fairburn Royals

"From a Window Way Above" CD

Two Sheds Music

Genres: indie pop, indie rock

Two Sheds Music
P.O. Box 5455
Atlanta, GA

May 19 - 25 2003

Smart, funny, and as catchy as heck, The Fairburn Royals' From a Window Way Above reminds me the fun I had listening to The Lochness Mouse's Key West awhile back.  If you appreciate indie pop - and who doesn't, anyway? - then I guarantee you'll enjoy this terrific pop album.

Right from the opener, "The Projectionist," an infectious little number that recalls The Loch Ness Mouse's "I Lost My Heart To Mary Ann," you know you've found a winner in From A Window.  This shit is catchy right from the first listen.  "Anti-Drug," another fine example, is more rock-based, combining a forlorn, almost bitter attitude with terrific songwriting.  Meanwhile, "La Fuerzo del Destino" is a raucous indie rock instrumental, "Paint the Night" is delicate Mojave 3 and Sparklehorse influenced acoustic pop, and "Song About Her" reminds me of indie poppers Quasi.

This, folks, is only the first we'll be hearing of this band.  With a sound as catchy as theirs and songwriting that kicks major ass, The Fairburn Royals will hopefully remain on the scene for years to come.  So buy From a Window Way Above, you shan't be disappointed!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 13 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]