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Ezra Reich

"Freeze the Night" CD


Genres: indie rock, indie pop

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Sep 22 - 26 2003

Guitar-heavy pop somewhat like new wave collided with The Strokes and Interpol, Ezra Reich's music is comprised of short, joyful pop tunes that remind you of the value of melody.

Right from opener "Behind the Scenes," Reich establishes a hip, art-rock-cum-new-wave sound that'll take you back to 2002 [and then back even further].  Reich dresses slickly and his music is similarly cool, rich in style and melody.  That said, it still will take you a few listens before you really warm up to the songs and their unusual style.  Also, you may get tired of Freeze the Night halfway through, as its poppy, exuberant style doesn't change much throughout the disc.

All in all, Ezra Reich's Freeze the Night is a tight album of guitar- and keyboard-heavy, new wave/art-rock pop that is fun but occasionally monotonous.  However, songs like "Behind the Scenes" and "Star Power" make it worth a try for those interested.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks, distributed by the band, released 2003]