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The Exeter Popes

Self-titled CDR EP

White Shoe Records

Genre: indie pop, lo-fi, singer / songwriter

June 2006

Featuring the singing/songwriting talents of Stephen Lipuma and the drumming of hometaper legend MJB, The Exeter Popes have put out this single EP as a testament to their unique take on folky pop music. The best song, "The Moon is Red," comes first - and what a treat it is. Britishy vocals lead the strangely mesmerizing piece, whose minor key melody takes a sort of Smiths influence but makes it the band's own. The other two songs, "Temporary Skin" and dreamy "King Waltzer," fail to live up to the first one's promise, though they still boast a type of unsettlingly infectious melody that I really dig. Nicely done, but now I want to hear more.



Fun Fact: The Exeter Popes may have taken their name from two British ships in WWII, the HMS Exeter and the USS Pope, which were sunk together on March 1, 1942 by Japanese fire.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 3 tracks, distributed by the label, released Feb 7 2006]