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The Everyones
(also called The Anyones)

Self-titled CD

Shock Records

Genres: pop/rock

Nov 22 - 28 2005

It isn't often that I buy an album based on one track, but The Everyones' self-titled disc won me over on "Pocket" alone. A tight collection of ten pop tracks, this record succeeds in a blaze of epic melodies and energetic performances. The band claims to be Australia's best kept secret, and this LP only serves to support that image. Things start off incredibly with the ultra-catchy "Pocket," the disc's main single and an altogether wonderful pop/rock gem. After infectious "Come Around" (whose fault is an uninspired chorus), the disc drops into another one of its masterpieces, the anthemic "Rubin." The rest of the disc fails to replicate the success of its two best songs, but that isn't to deem the majority of this filler. "Here We Are (La La Land)" is a tad weak, but "Bend The Strate" is a lush, pretty number and "Simple Words" is a slow but memorable tune. This is all very traditional (and even sometimes predictable) pop/rock, but it just sounds so damn good! I'm not kidding. Hunt this down and love it.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]