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Evan Gold

"Apex Matter" CDR EP


Genres: singer / songwriter, pop, folk-pop

May 19 - 25 2003

At first Evan Gold's music didn't appeal to me.  Or, rather, it looked like it didn't appeal to me.  The cover art, a goofy cut-and-paste job, did nothing to entice me, and the shoddy CDR looked like it was just made for the sake of... well, nothing.  But, listening to Apex Matter, I'm beginning to think that Evan is more of a songwriter than I had expected.

Evan's music is mainly focused on his vocals and his guitar playing, although he also takes over keyboard, synthesizer, and percussion duties on other songs.  Occasionally he'll also get help from some of his friends, who contribute bass, percussion, and guitar accompaniment to the mix.  When his songs succeed, it's because of his songwriting; he has a natural talent for writing solid, infectious melodies.  A song like "Pirates," for example, is enjoyably accessible, but could have been made better by solider vocals; Evan's voice doesn't seem appropriate for the breathless, emotional effect he's going for.  Meanwhile, "Silver" is another winner - it starts off calmly, but eventually erupts into a climactic finale that is pulled off surprisingly well.

So Evan's going to need some better cover art next time around, and his vocals could use a bit of work.  But, for the most part, he's got a good formula going and he may want to continue in a similar vein for his next release.  If you're interested in homemade singer / songwriter pop material, then Apex Matter might be worth a try.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 songs + 1 bonus track, distributed by the artist, released 2001]