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Various Artists

"Euro Lounge" CD

Putumayo World Music

Genres: dance, electronica, pop

Aug 18 - 24 2003

Putumayo's Euro Lounge is an average chill-out compilation that boasts a fine selection of electronica culled from across Europe. There are a few big names here, most notably Thievery Corporation and Arling & Cameron, but the best tracks are actually from the lesser known acts.

Things kick off with a decent Thievery Corporation track featuring guest singer LouLou, but the real fun starts with Italian outfit S-Tone Inc., whose "Limbe" blends a funky chill-out bassline with sitar and pure pop vocals. Bossa Nostra's "Jackie" boasts an even more infectious melody, and a nice, clean feel to boot. Belgium's Gare Du Nord brings us a groovy instrumental that is half sixties swanky film soundtrack, and half modern electro. Arling & Cameron's "Voulez-vous?," meanwhile, is characteristically funky and joyful.

While there isn't really much to say about chill-out compilations of this sort, it should be mentioned that Putumayo has done a nice job of collecting some really good songs on Euro Lounge. The appearance of two big names is likely to attract people to this disc, but the quality of the songs by the more obscure acts will keep their attention.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by the label, released March 25, 2003]