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Erik Hinds

"Cerebus" CD

Solponticello Records

Genres: experimental folk, instrumental folk, instrumentals

195 Three Oaks Drive
Athens GA 30607

Nov 4 - 10 2002

Erik Hinds, whose guitar talents are present in bands as diverse as SS Puft, The Georgian Contemporary Unit, and Riveter, has recently turned in Cerebus, a very personal solo album in which he experiments with an acoustic guitar. Most of the pieces, with exception to the fifth, are extremely short, yet still manage to serve as full thoughts as opposed to simple ideas.

"Delene," for example, is a one-and-half minute composition with a mysterious feeling to it. The subtle bumps and pick sounds that come with using an acoustic guitar are present, and this adds a feeling of personality to the piece. "Faith," which comes right after "Delene," brings in even more accessibility, with some interesting guitar-picking effects on display. The track really comes together about midway-through, where it starts to feel like a small, instrumental folk song.

"Three-Headed Monster," the album's six-minuter, gives Hinds a bit more time to develop his thoughts, and he uses the track's length as a canvas, painting a lovely picture with the brushes of his guitar strings. The result is a composition that incorporates a whole number of ideas and styles into it, including classical guitar methods, mild experiments, and even a bit of jazz accentuation.

While solo releases can often be self-pretentious and overly experimental, Hinds has shown a very nice deviation from this pattern, instead creating a beautiful, melodic collection of songs that tide well for at-home listening. Cozy, comfortable, laid-back - it all applies to Cerebus, a wonderful album that revels in both accessiblity and musical exploration.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 10 tracks; distributed by the label; released 2002]