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"Insomniac Doze" CD

Temporary Residence Limited

Genres: hardcore

November 2006

First some history. Though they've put out an album and an odds collection since, 2001's All The Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead is the only record of Envy's that I've heard - and boy is it a doozy. Perhaps the most expressively vicious album in my collection, it has taken a strong presence in my musical repertoire - something notable as I'm not a big follower of hardcore or what have you.

Anyhow, flash forward to now: I'm holding Envy's latest, Insomniac Doze, brought to me courtesy of classy imprint Temporary Residence, Ltd. Yep, the folks who brought us Rumah Sakit, Explosions in the Sky, and Cerberus Shoal. The main string binding these bands stylistically? Epicness. Like the others, Insomniac Doze is an incredibly epic work of music; not just fifteen minute "The unknown glow" or ten minute "Crystallize," but even the shorter works. The key lies in Envy's dark, bass-heavy sound, in their dramatic builds and drops, in the intense passion these five folks have for their music. To the unaccustomed ear, a lot of this is going to sound a touch homogeneous, but attention yields results. Envy tend to brood menacingly before launching into explosive, strangely melodic hardcore - lengthy "The Unknown Glow" is a perfect example of this. An over three minute build-up erupts into heartfelt, bleak-yet-hopeful chaos. After all that noise, we get to the eye of the storm, an unbearably moving rise towards the brutal climax. That is the story epitomized with Insomniac Doze, a monumental record that builds and breaks with no apologies. From start to (amazing) finish, this is a very solid release. I can't comment on the lyrics, since they're all in Japanese, but I assume the public version will come with translated lyrics like their previous work. Hardcore fans unaware of Envy need to pay attention now.

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Fun Fact: Envy's lead singer, Tetsuya Fukagawa, appeared on Mogwai's Mr. Beast album.

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 7 tracks, 57:51, distributed by the label, released 2006]