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"Run War" CD

Ad Noiseam

Genres: breakcore, hardcore techno

enduser website

May 2 - 8 2005

Recognized breakcore personality Enduser already has a sizable discography under his belt (including a couple of 12"s on Ad Noiseam), but this Run War compilation aims to explore some of his unreleased material, circa 2000-2004.  It is a strong collection of tracks, up to par with his recent material, that fits in well alongside other Ad Noiseam and Zod acts.

The sounds really run the gamut on this disc, from beaten-up rap ("Diggin Graves," "Blastin Mothafuckas") to raggacore ("Dubplate #12," "Bounty Drilla") to a powerful Bjork remix ("Under My Bed").  Particularly inspired moments include "Dissin Monks," which juxtaposes chanting monks with vicious beats and aggressive rap lines, as well as the touchingly beautiful, female-voiced "Choppin Lambs."  The vicious beats and vocals of "Blastin Mothafuckas," meanwhile, make it an explosive slab of breakcore-rap; it is likely the most aggressive track on here - though the romping "War on War" is a close second.

Run War is a fine record that should satiate any breakcore or hardcore techno addict.  As an introduction to Enduser or an addition to an already established collection, this fits the bill admirably.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 17 tracks, distributed by Soleilmoon, released 2005]