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"Wreckin Shit" 12"

Sonicterror Records

Genres: breakcore, Ragga jungle, hardcore techno

Sonicterror Records
622 N. Ft. Thomas Ave.
Ft. Thomas KY

June 21 - 27 2004

Sonicterror Records is an amazing, Cincinnati-based experimental electronic label that has been quietly putting out a very impressive array of twelve-inch records.  Wreckin Shit is a particularly important release for the label, as Enduser is quickly becoming a leader in the modern Ragga jungle scene.  This record will prove to be quite a wicked ride for fans of the genre; not only does Enduser pile on the beats, but he has also injected these tracks with a whole load of infectious melodies.  The combination is immediately accessible, though still distinctly hardcore.

The record starts off with the title-track, an explosive slab of hardcore techno infused with ragga vocals and an impressively dark melody not far from some industrial work.  "Rukkus," meanwhile, is an incredible Dancehall track - its spacey melody is refreshingly infectious, making it the most immediately catchy track on this slab of vinyl - with the sample carnage of "Def (Version 2)" as a close second.  "Epiphany," on the other hand, is a dark, aggressive chunk of harsh electro, while "Plan B" is a dramatic slice of ragga breakcore that employs a chilling piano melody to keep things intense.

Every true hardcore techno lover will need to go out and purchase this 12".  Sonicterror has found themselves a serious gem, and anyone with a pulse - ragga jungle fan or not - will want to enjoy what these five tracks have to offer.

Fun Fact: It is Enduser, not Enducer.  It is pronounced "end user."  Important!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2004]