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"Keep on Running" CD

Gossett! Records

Genres: pop, jangle pop, indie pop

Phone: 1-516-428-3162

Sep 23 - 29 2002

Keep on Running is an extremely ambitious project from Endgames, following shortly after last year's Crown Point Summer EP. The band specializes in moody, jangly pop songs that appeal to those looking for more of the recent "alternative rock" generation. Fortunately, the band can boast a few ideas to itself, and does sound surprisingly fresh.

Songs like "An Invitation" and "Gene Clark Kent" are simply packed full with infectious melodies and choruses, and will appeal to pretty much everyone. While their glossy style may make indie kids wary, it shouldn't take much for the band to ingratiate itself with the scenesters, as the melodies themselves can carry the band. "Try", the first song on this album, is an excellent example of the their catchy songwriting style. Right from the first listen, you realize that it's going to be stuck in your head for a while. While this is all great, Keep on Running also has its share of problems. At times, the vocals and the instruments don't always blend right, and the innovation level is relatively low (there isn't anything on this album that hasn't been done before). As well, some of the compositions could use a bit of touching up, as they are not particularly strong.

All in all, Endgames are proving themselves to be a very fine band. It would come as no surprise if some of these songs became popular - this should appeal to even the most musically inept. While Keep on Running's problems weigh down on it strongly, it is, ultimately, a satisfying record.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 36 min 30 sec; 11 tracks; distributed by CD Baby; released 2001]