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"Death of the Author" CDEP


Genres: dark ambient, powernoise, IDM

636 W. Diversey #185
Chicago IL 60614

June 21 - 27 2004

Starting off with a bizarre dark ambient cover of The Cure's "Pornography," Emusion's Death of the Author EP is nothing if not a mixed bag.  The only thing that binds it all together is an affinity for dark, industrial-influenced textures and atmospheres.

For the most part, this EP combines ambient material with more rhythm-oriented, electronica / power-noise material.  The latter is reasonably decent, though not varied enough ("Is Lust," for example, becomes bland after more than a few listens.)  The dark ambient material is successful, however - Emulsion is good at injecting melody into otherwise solely atmospheric compositions ("Undone," "Sonido Negro").

This EP isn't perfect, but hopefully it will kick off the career of an exciting new electronic music act.  Keep an eye out for Emulsion - if they work on keeping their music engaging throughout, their debut album could really turn out well.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 5 tracks, distributed by the artist, released 2003]