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"22 Classic Selections" CDR

Wood Records

Genres: diy, hometaper, experimental

Wood Records
1604 Central
Dodge City KS
67801 USA

Jun 16 - 22 2003

EllenM or L&M is the collaborative unit consisting of guitarist MWF (aka Mark Flake) and keyboardist Lol Robot.  Since 1984 the two have been creating timeless hometaper works that range from kooky and absurd to serious and "straight."  This CDR, 22 Classic Selections, is a sort of "best of" collection for the first 16 years of their work.

What is most notable about the twenty two songs here is how good they are.  Odes to Jack Krevorkian, bizarre supermarket music explosions, and experimentations in the semi-melodic avant-garde make up just a fraction of 22 Classic Selections.  The rest is just as amusingly unpredictable, yet always rewarding.  If you like kooky, experimental lo-fi goodness, then this will most certainly appeal to you.  As usual, MWF doesn't disappoint, and this collaboration is perhaps more catchy than it should be.  But, hey, I like it that way.  Open your mind, open your ears.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 22 songs, distributed by the label, released 1999]