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Self-titled CD


Genres: indie pop, folk-pop, dream pop

Mar 22 - 28 2004

ELE_K* is the pseudonym of Montreal-based singer Elizabeth Powell, solo artist and former member of trip-hop outfit Doppelganger.  This self-titled disc is her debut album using the ELE_K* moniker, and hopefully it won't be her last.  Though these eleven songs are far from perfect, they do showcase Powell's beautiful voice and sensible songwriting style.  Though occasionally her melodies aren't as effective as one would like, she frequently hits the right notes.  The first tune, "Lazy Love," is a perfect example - its pretty background is complimented by ELE_K*'s lush, cute voice.  It's the type of tune that could really become a hit if given the chance.  "Smaller & Smaller," which follows, is also nice but not quite as infectious.

Amidst all the great songs, however, there are a few duds.  "Ballade," for example, is a very beautiful tune - but it sounds too much like a Bjork imitation.  "Got a Call," on the other hand, fails to show off any particularly infectious hooks - despite its enjoyable atmosphere.

Even though it has its shortcomings, this album is remarkably entertaining.  As far as female-led, blissful indie-folk goes, ELE_K*'s debut is among the best.  I'm sure I'll listen to this more than a few times.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 tracks, distributed by Fusion III, released 2003]