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Ed Jurdi

"Longshores Drive" CD

Red Fez Records

Genres: blues rock, jam rock, country folk

Red Fez Records
PO Box 453
Newmarket NH
03857 USA

Feb 16 - 22 2004

If this world was fair, Ed Jurdi's Longshores Drive could be respected for what it is - a supremely talented eleven-song performance, pumped full of country, folk, blues, and soul influences.  Every song would be a hit single, from the Western-tinged blues rock of "Keep on Trying" and "Bumblebee" to the distinct gospel influences of "Stop Drop and Roll" and "Kansas City."  Though this style of music isn't that popular among either the mainstream or hip kids, there's certainly a place for it, and Jurdi belongs among the best.  These recordings are of such high quality - in both a production and a songwriting sense - and that is what sets Longshores Drive above many of the other releases of this type.

But - you know what?  Just because the would is unjust doesn't mean you have to ignore this album.  If you dig bluesy Americana and the music Van Morrison did so well, Longshores Drive will be perfect for you.  Heed.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 11 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2003]