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The Ebb and Flow

"Time to Echolocate" CD

Three Ring Records

Genres: prog rock, indie rock

December 2005

Proggy, jammy relaxed rock is the name of the game here, as The Ebb and Flow combine intelligent pop with meandering instrumentation and a decent amount of experimentation. Even though the style of music isn't usually my cup of tea, I'm really enjoying this record - it's another addictive nugget from the increasingly impressive Three Ring label. Opener "Sonorous" (a nine-point-five minute epic in two parts) starts things off in a loosey-goosey pop vein before delving into some strong prog territory. It's nice, but the shorter "Firefly" and its strangely awesome vocals are more successful. But "Body and Soul" is the first really impressive song - its shifty chorus and relaxed but bouncy rhythm make it an extraordinarily entertaining listen; its got a notable Grateful Dead influence. After that gem we get a quartet of other songs, including two psyched out wonders ("Farmer Framed," "Country Verses") and a couple of melodic indie pop/rock tunes (semi-traditional "See You in the Fjords" and the daringly oddball "Sweet Southern Harmony"). Overall, Time to Echolocate is seven songs of inventive, melodic proggish rock that is sure to find a welcoming home in any eclectic music lover's record collection.


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 8 tracks + 1 hidden, distributed by the label, released 2005]