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Each Other

Self-titled CDEP

Birds Go South Records

Genre: post-punk, indie rock

June 2006

Not much information out there on Each Other, but this EP seems to speak for itself. Eclectic, uniquely crafted pop songs are constructed with blocks of guitar and excellent percussion, with the singer's Fall-like indifferent wail behind it all. The charged keyboards of "Soft Cuffs" add momentum to the song's forward rumble, while the dark, blaring echoes that "Ivan on Ivan" is built on create a tension that's hard to find in today's musical crop. "The Hood of the Engineer" is the most dissonant and heady song on here, adding a nice energy before the electronic-heavy experimental "What's In Montreux," which features a nifty juxtaposition between vocals and solid electronic drone. File Each Other's EP under intelligent indie rock / post-punk.

MP3s (from Soft Cuffs (excerpt), Ivan on Ivan (excerpt)


Fun Fact: The Birds Go South website has an interesting collection of found photos at

Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 6 tracks, distributed by the label, released 2005]