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"Seasonal" online album

Autres Directions in Music

Genres: electronica, chillout

Stéphane Colle
c/o ADIM
18 Rue du Capitaine Corhumel
44000 Nantes

Nov 15 - 21 2004

The France-based Autres Directions label has really been impressing me lately.  Their music is all available for free online, but (quite unbelievably) it isn't all crap.  Dudley's Seasonal album is the second release of theirs I've heard, and it sure is fine.  Nine songs are offered up, with the general trend being warm, guitar-led electronica.  Infectiously relaxing in a fashion reminiscent of Royksopp and Lemon Jelly, these tracks make for perfect lounge listening - though they aren't the type of cookie-cutter electro toss-ups we've come to expect from most chillout artists.

"Fall Song" is what initially spurred the Royksopp comparison; it is a lovely, calm piece of electro that's been infused with guitar and strings samples.  "With Rain" and "Hashcut" are completely satisfying, while the cover of Low's "Point of Disgust" is interesting if unnecessary.  A few songs here sound like filler to me ("The Flower That Eats The Moon, anyone?), but there are enough brilliant moments to distract the listener from these faults.  Though Dudley's songs aren't as immediately catchy as some of the more well-known scenesters, they're still well worth checking out - especially considering how FREE they are.  Get your ass to the Autres Directions website immediately!


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 9 tracks, distributed free online, released 2003]