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The Duckworth-Lewis Method

"Heb Fod Allan" CDR

Catchpenny Records

Genres: experimental, electronica

PO Box 88
Mold, CH7 4ZQ

Jan 6 - 12 2003

Heb Fod Allan is the latest release on Welsh label Catchpenny Records, and it's definitely an interesting one. The Duckworth-Lewis Method, taking their name from a piece of cricket terminology (that's cricket the game, not the insect), is actually Dj Komikon and 'Y Dref'. Together, they've taken dozens of obscure samples from old Welsh radio broadcasts and have spliced and mixed them with a number of trippy beats and basslines.

While some tunes fall flat, quite a few are really enjoyable. "Ar Daith/Y Lle Gore (Mics Ty Pren)," for example, is a funky tune with a toe-tapping beat. "Taking Moel Famau (By Strategy)," meanwhile, uses an actual musical sample, creating an electro-classical hybrid. Pretty cool.

Though certainly not for everyone, Heb Fod Allan's acid-drenched beats are something you may want to track down if you're interested in beat-y electro experimental stuff. The basis for the album's songs also adds a certain novelty appeal to those who are interested in conceptual and found sound releases. John Peel likes it - so shouldn't you?


Matt Shimmer

[Vitals: 12 songs, distributed by the label, released 2002]